Book Review: A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog’s Journey…

About the Book:

Buddy is a good dog.

After searching for his purpose through several eventful lives, Buddy is sure that he has found and fulfilled it. Yet as he watches curious baby Clarity get into dangerous mischief, he is certain that this little girl is very much in need of a dog of her own.

When Buddy is reborn, he realises that he has a new destiny. He’s overjoyed when he is adopted by Clarity, now a vibrant but troubled teenager. As Clarity navigates the ups and downs of adolescence, Buddy is there to protect, cheer, rescue, and love her unconditionally. When they are suddenly separated, Buddy despairs – who will take care of his girl?

More than just another endearing dog tale, A Dog’s Journey is the moving story of unwavering loyalty and a love that crosses all barriers, that asks the question: Do we really take care of our pets, or do they take care of us?

My Thoughts:

Hollywood loves W. Bruce Cameron at the moment, but who can blame them when we all keep flocking to the cinema to watch the next dog movie! And these are great dog movies too, absolute tear jerkers (check out the movie trailer below) but also incredibly life affirming, because so much can be said through showing the bond between an animal and a human. W. Bruce Cameron is a bit of a master at this, and it’s no accident Hollywood are adapting his dog novels into movies instead of coming up with ideas from elsewhere. He has a knack for flipping the dog owner relationship around to show just how much our pets look after us through their unwavering love and devotion.

A Dog’s Journey is the sequel to the gorgeous A Dog’s Purpose, and it more than lives up to its predecessor. This is a really heartfelt story about a dog (Buddy) who takes on the responsibility to always look after his owner’s granddaughter – and in the manner we saw in A Dog’s Purpose, this involves living several lives alongside her. So it has all the feels, and being told from Buddy’s perspective adds an extra layer of poignancy. This is another one for all the family to enjoy and return to, a timeless story for all ages and for all of the dog lovers out there.


Thanks is extended to Pan Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of A Dog’s Journey for review.

About the Author:

W. Bruce Cameron is the New York Times bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose and 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, which was turned into the hit ABC series.

A Dog’s Journey – Film Tie-In Edition
Published by Pan Macmillan Australia
Released on 26th March 2019

Film Trailer:

6 thoughts on “Book Review: A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

  1. Gahhhhhhh!! I couldn’t possibly read this, I hide my eyes whenever I see movies about dogs, books about dogs – you can imagine my surprise on page 2 of Call Of The Wild 😫😭 hats off to you for having the emotional fortitude!

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