New Release Book Review: Good Man, Dalton by Karen McQuestion

Good Man, Dalton…

About the Book:

A chance encounter leads to an unpredictable Manhattan romance in an irresistible and heartwarming novel from the author of Hello Love.

Greta Hansen has arrived in Manhattan to intern with the Vanderhaven Corporation, a company owned by distant and very wealthy relatives. But she soon realizes she’s actually been hired to keep watch on their capricious daughter, social media celebrity Cece. No last name required. Why bother? The entire Twitterverse already watches every fabulous move she makes. Including an unfortunate shoplifting mishap when Cece decides to go off script. It’s then that a handsome—and homeless—stranger comes to the rescue.

Dalton Bishop has a secret. A man of privilege, he’s been living on the streets as a social experiment. Now, in gracious payback for his chivalry, Cece invites him to an elegant fund-raiser called the Forgotten Man Ball. It’s Greta he’s taken with, however—and to Greta’s surprise, she’s taken right back. But Dalton has one more secret up his tattered sleeve. For right now, though, he’s just happy embracing the woman of his dreams. It’s only the beginning of a romantic and revealing adventure that will take them to a place where money, class, and fame matter far less than true love.

My Thoughts:

Fans of romantic comedy will love this sparkling new offering by Karen McQuestion. Good Man, Dalton has a feel to it that harks back to those great romance movies of the 1990s, like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. That genuine vibe of romance without the overblown comedy or erotic overtures – just good, clean romance with a fun storyline. Perfect to escape with!

Dalton is a good guy through and through (how refreshing!) and he’s embarked on an undercover investigation, living as a homeless person for two weeks. Now, I was at first quite dubious about this, because all of Dalton’s privileges mean he doesn’t really get the full ‘homeless experience’, and the fact that he was pretending really irritated me in the beginning. He never goes hungry, because he has money and when he does begin to run low on funds, he begins to busk with a harmonica and only two songs to his repertoire. Maybe things are different in America, but in Australia you need a license to busk and if you don’t have one, the police move you on. But Dalton seemed to not have these issues (or any at all really), and along with a big sturdy backpack and a device that he could press if he needed help, Dalton’s ‘homeless experience’ was a privileged version. However, his intent was true, and he came through in the end by putting what he learnt into a real, tangible plan for improving the lives of homeless veterans.

Dalton had one last question for Diego, and it was the question that had started his two-week homeless experiment. “What would help ? What would turn things around for you so you could get off the streets and into the life you want?”

Greta’s story was a little less interesting for me, although I did like her. I just found the whole celebrity rich girl needing a babysitter angle more irritating than enticing, but I will freely admit that’s more to do with me than anything else. I’m not a celebrity watcher, nor am I even the slightest bit interested in reality programs and celebrity endorsements. However, that is the age we are living in, and the author captures that essence really well within this story.

Karen McQuestion has put together a tightly plotted story that is overall entertaining and really rather cute. It would translate well to the screen. Recommended for fans of light romantic comedy and contemporary fiction.


Thanks is extended to the author and Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Good Man, Dalton for review.

About the Author:

The bestselling author of Hello Love, Karen McQuestion writes the books she would love to read— not only for adults but also for kids and teens. Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and NPR. She lives with her family in Hartland, Wisconsin. To find out more about Karen and her books, follow her on Twitter @karenmcquestion or visit

Good Man, Dalton
Published by Lake Union Publishing
Released on 12th March 2019

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