Farewell Rosamunde Pilcher

Farewell to a favourite of mine. The Shell Seekers, Coming Home, and Winter Solstice – cherished novels that are still on my shelves. This article from The Booktopian sums up the achievements of Rosamunde Pilcher for us.

Author, Rosamunde Pilcher, has died at age 94. Early in her career, Rosamunde Pilcher wrote for Mills & Boon under the name Jane Fraser. The first book she published under her own name was Secret to Tell in 1955. In 1987 she published The Shell Seekers, which soon became an international phenomenon. A sweeping family…

via We remember Rosamunde Pilcher… — The Booktopian

16 thoughts on “Farewell Rosamunde Pilcher

    • Her novels were always so lovely, for want of a better word. They had an essence that I see many authors of dual timeline fiction attempting to capture but often falling just that bit short. Coming Home is my favourite of hers, enormously thick, but just wonderful. I still remember reading it for the first time as a reward to myself for finishing a batch of uni assessments – a very long time ago! But it left such an impression. Still have that original copy that I bought for less than $2 from the Big W bargain bin. Funny how some things stay with you!


  1. I LOVED The Shell Seekers, sadly though so far that is the only book I’ve read of hers. At the next Lifeline book fair (if hubby allows me to go lol) I’ll keep an eye out for her books as I’d love to read more, her writing style is similar to Maeve Binchy whose books I love!

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