#2019StellaPrize Longlist

Many of you may have already seen this but I’m quite excited to see a few familiar titles on this longlist.

The 2019 Stella Prize longlist is:

Little Gods (my review)
by Jenny Ackland
(Allen & Unwin)

Man Out of Time (have heard great things and plan to read)
by Stephanie Bishop
(Hachette Australia)

Bluebottle (my review)
by Belinda Castles
(Allen & Unwin)

The Bridge (actually at the top of my tbr – a ‘stella’ coincidence!)
by Enza Gandolfo (ANZ LitLovers LitBlog – review)
(Scribe Publications)

The Arsonist (on my tbr, working its way up on account of all the positive reviews)
by Chloe Hooper (ANZ LitLovers LitBlog – review)
(Penguin Random House)

The Death of Noah Glass
by Gail Jones
(Text Publishing)

Pink Mountain on Locust Island (Whispering Gums – review)
by Jamie Marina Lau
(Brow Books)

The Erratics
by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
(Finch Publishing)

Eggshell Skull (on my tbr, slightly frightened to read it)
by Bri Lee (Claire’s Reads and Reviews – review)
(Allen & Unwin)

Too Much Lip (ANZ LitLovers LitBlog – review)
by Melissa Lucashenko
(The University of Queensland Press)

Axiomatic (Whispering Gums – review)
by Maria Tumarkin
(Brow Books)

The World Was Whole
by Fiona Wright
(Giramondo Publishing)

The shortlist will be announced at 1pm AEDT on Friday 8 March. Stay up to date by following the #2019StellaPrize hashtag on Twitter.

If you have reviewed any of the titles on the longlist I’d love it if you popped the link into the comments.

21 thoughts on “#2019StellaPrize Longlist

  1. Ohh there are some fantastic books on this list and I have a number of them on my out of control TBR. I’m surprised to find I’m reading one of them atm too – The Arsonist by Chloe Hooper (it is really good, you should totally bump it up your TBR!).

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  2. The only one I’ve read is Eggshell Skull which was a really good read, I’m sure you saw my post on it. I haven’t got any of the others on my list except maybe Bluebottle, which part of me thinks I’ve read, but goodreads says I haven’t. I just seems really familiar.

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    • Maybe it’s familiar from me blabbering on about it! It popped up a fair bit in the AWW round ups too. Could be you’ve just seen the cover a lot. I did read your review of Eggshell Skull, and enjoyed it. My misgivings about it are the same as what you mentioned. I will read it though. Just pulled out the longlisted titles I own from my tbr, ready to read them!

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    • I read your Axiomatic review but I can’t remember Purple Mountain on Locust Island. I’ll go back and jog my memory. Such a terrific title, I think. I feel this list is more to my reading interests than last year, or maybe I’m evolving!

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      • Purple Mountain was a guest post on my blog by Amanda… It was a result of my putting a call out for a review of it on an AWW blog post! Amanda doesn’t have an online presence for her reviews.

        Haha re your response to this year’s list! I think I find it about the same… Though there are no short stories this year, which is a shame.

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  3. I’ve read Little Gods which I quite enjoyed. Bluebottle is on my shelf to read. I didn’t request Eggshell Skull but I’ve read so many good reviews that I think it would be a worthy winner.

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  4. I’m so impressed with the longlist this year (well, the Stella Prize is great every year, but this year it seems EXTRA great). I’m really looking forward to reading The Arsonist and Eggshell Skull. I saw Bri Lee talk at the Byron Writers Festival a couple years back, and she is incredible!

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    • I have to agree with you, it’s a good list this year, I feel it’s a bit more accessible in terms of catering to multiple readers interests than last year. Sometimes it’s very memoir heavy. The Arsonist and Eggshell Skull are likely for the shortlist in my opinion.

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