Bingo! The Perils of Too Much Fun

So far, November has brought on a lot of social activity for this introverted bookworm. Last Saturday night, my daughter and I went to see the Teatro Alla Scala Ballet Company perform Don Quixote, which was brilliant! This event marked the beginning of the ‘crazy phase’ which sees my calendar filled with graduation balls, work Christmas parties, dance concerts, and an endless stream of parties and get-togethers that my teenagers JUST HAVE to go to, which means I have to drive them to and from and all of that staying up late makes me very tired. It’s all cutting into my reading time, which is why I completely lost this last week and only realised this morning as my calendar pinged at me that I’d FORGOTTEN BINGO!!

I have my last two books all picked out, they just haven’t been read yet. My remaining two categories and selected titles are:

A book written more than 10 years ago

A foreign translated novel

‘The plan’ is to have these both read by the next bingo round…

This year I’m playing book bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews. On the first and third Saturday of each month, we’ll post our latest entry. We’re not telling each other in advance what we’re currently reading or what square we’ll be filling next; any coincidences are exactly that – and just add to the fun!

Follow our card below if you’d like to join in, and please let us know if you do so we can check out what you’re reading.

Now I’m off to check out what square Mrs B has marked off for this round. See you over there!

19 thoughts on “Bingo! The Perils of Too Much Fun

  1. Happy Book Bingo Saturday! Well done for getting a post up still, sounds like you are crazy busy with all those occasions! It was a close shave for me too, life has been busy and there are so many book events here in Perth! I only just finalised my post this morning and it took most of the week to get through my book bingo book – which is highly unusual for me! Enjoy your busy social events!

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  2. I enjoy Bingos but mostly doing them at the end and seeing if I can squish my reading into them. Not quite the spirit I know – which is to encourage you to read something different perhaps, but still.

    I have the yellow cover one right next to me – The yellow house! And, I reckon earlier this year I read a book everyone’s talking about in Sarah Krasnostein’s The trauma cleaner.

    Difficult for me, always, is a book more than 500 pages. I’m not a big reader of chunksters.

    Hmm, maybe I’d better find a different yellow cover, because The yellow house was written by someone under 30.

    Anyhow, I might do this at the end of the year – if I can find the time.

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    • Up until this year, your way of doing bingo has been my way too. It’s been a challenge to keep up the momentum, only to stumble at the end! To a certain extent, I’ve still mostly fit my normal reading into the categories. I’ll look forward to reading what titles you match up if you do end up putting a post together.

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      • I’ll certainly try. I should start compiling it now then I could PERHAPS try to fit the last few into my reading!! Both ways of doing it are fun I think?

        Maybe for AWW we could set a challenge for each month? On 1 January set one AWW goal eg indigenous woman author, and so on. I wonder if that would engage people. We could do a poet which could include verse novels. Maybe each editor could take a month and post a challenge from their area with some suggestions if necessary – and get people to add their reviews to that post’s comments over the month.

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      • Both ways are fun, you’re right.
        I like that idea about thd AWW monthly challenge. We should float the idea in the AWW group, to see if the other editors are keen. We’ll have a couple of new editors on board too, for YA and General fiction.


    • I’ll look out then in case you decide on a whim to squeeze it in.
      I read Shell yesterday Lisa. I had to stay up late due to being a designated driver for my daughter and her friends attending a couple of grad parties. It got me through the wee hours. I need to let it rest now before I review it but gosh, there is so much in that book, history and society, human emotion. It was excellent.


  3. #Book Bingo 2018: ‘A book set more than 100 years ago’ – Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser

    Oh my word! What a beautiful novel. And that ending, I cried and cried. Such an amazing writer Dreiser is, this could be my all time favourite book.

    Searching for classics a while back I came across the novel, Jennie Gerhardt by Theodore Dreiser, both title and author completely unknown to me, and I must say what a surprise I had seeing my maiden name in a book title, it’s not often I come across the surname Gerhardt and in a book title, well, never ever, clearly, I had to buy this novel. Jennie Gerhardt was just right for my book bingo square ‘a book set more than 100 years ago,’ as the story of Jennie Gerhardt was set in 1880.

    Jennie is sweet, selfless and a bit of a doormat but I loved her so, what an incredible character Dreiser created, despite facing many hardships she remained a loving and caring person. Uneducated and poor Jennie encounters two powerful men, Brander and Lester, and it’s with Lester she has a long and fragile relationship during a time when living together was socially unacceptable. Very well written with great insight into the human psyche.

    A tremendously brilliant book. Can’t recommend this highly enough.

    I love the cover of my novel which features a young woman in what looks like a wedding dress – so pretty.

    I will be looking into buying Sister Carrie and American Tragedy. I want to own Dreiser’s books.

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      • You’re welcome, Theresa! This would be my second classic I’ve ever read and I’m surprised by how much I loved something written way back in 1911, but it truly was incredible, the writing, the characters,…just superb. I hope you do look it up, Theresa and if you ever decide to read it I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts, and I really hope you’ll love it as much as I did.

        Oh no, forgetting Bingo, such a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing what collection of short stories you had chosen, maybe you could fit two books in for the next bingo round, maybe? lol.

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      • Oh, I did the short stories a couple of entries ago, the Lucia Berlin book (the one where talked about smoking). This round would have been either of the two books pictured in this post. I’m pretty sure I can still fit them in before we run out of weeks! There are two left, but the last one was intended as a wrap up, from memory. I can always do the wrap up on another day!


  4. Yes, I remember the Lucia Berlin one but it wasn’t under your Bingo blog post that’s why I thought you might have chosen a different collection of short stories if you had of chosen that category for this round. Oh, I thought the two pictured are for the last two bingo entries? I’m totally confused but don’t mind me having our dog put down recently and my father-in-law being on deaths door I’m not so with it at the moment.

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    • The reason you’re confused is because while I marked it onto my spreadsheet where I’m keeping track, I FORGOT TO DO THE BINGO POST!! Oh my goodness, it was meant to be included in this round, and then the two books pictured here would be the final two. No wonder you’re confused! I’ll have to pop up a short stories bingo post tomorrow with an explanation of my ‘error’.
      I’m sorry to hear about your troubles Sue. Thinking of you xo


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