My Reading Life: Spring Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Well I’ve reached the end of my two week Spring break reading challenge. Did I stick to the rules?

I watched no TV. Tick on that one!
In terms of only reading review books, out of the ten books I read, one was not a review book. What?!!! I know, but I have a good excuse. It was for bookclub, and I’d left it until the last minute. Theoretically, it was a ‘set’ book, in that I was reading it to review with my bookclub, so let’s just leave that as a grey area. The other part of this was my aim to read some of the review books that have been sent to me directly from authors. I failed on this one, miserably. Not one of the ten books was one of these. I really think I need an extra week of holidays!

All in all, this was a nice little challenge to set, and the avoidance of tv really did make a dent in my review pile. Plus, I don’t feel like I wasted the holidays.

Tomorrow I go back to work and juggling a million things at once…nine weeks until the holidays. You bet I’m counting!

15 thoughts on “My Reading Life: Spring Reading Challenge Wrap Up

  1. Hahaha, I thought the TV ban was for the entire spring months. Two weeks ain’t so bad! So does that mean you’ll be watching TV again? Hee hee

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  2. Well done. Re reading author copies, I read review copies strictly in the order I receive them… But I receive very few directly from authors though I think the odd one from publishers is at the behest of authors. I do prefer to deal with publishers. I’m currently running about 5 months behind!

    BTW I’d accept the reading group book as part of the challenge!

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  3. Even when you don’t watch much TV, or only binge it now and then, it’s amazing what a difference it makes cutting it out entirely, eh? And I’d say your book club book “counts” – it was a “set” book, as you say. 😉 Well done, doll!

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