My Reading Life: Spring Reading Challenge Check-in

Reaching the halfway point of my Spring reading challenge, I can report that I am on track!

To re-cap the challenge conditions:

1. Exclusively read review books

2. TV Ban

I’ve stuck to the TV ban and haven’t even missed it. As to the reading, I’ve read four books and they were all review titles:


The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village

The Book of Ordinary People

The Boneless Mercies

So far so good! I’m pretty sure I’ve got this. 👌

11 thoughts on “My Reading Life: Spring Reading Challenge Check-in

      • Well, that’s awesome. The only time I don’t worry about TV or miss it is when we’re caravanning and sometimes we don’t even take the TV with us – we love exploring and of a night I read or we play board games. When I’m home, well, that’s another story…lol.

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  1. Haha, I just read out your reply to hubby and he said to me, ‘that’s what you do.’ Lol. And that’s why we don’t take the TV on holidays! 🙂

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