Album Recommendation: Clare Bowen

Best known for her role as Scarlett in the American television series Nashville, Australian singer Clare Bowen has just released her debut album, a collection of songs entirely unrelated to her music from Nashville, simply titled ‘Clare Bowen’.

Best classified as indie music, it’s a sublime blend of folk with soaring symphonic sounds and a gypsy fantasy vibe. All of the songs have been written by Bowen and they each tell a story with the overall arrangement giving the impression of a journey. Bowen is a survivor of childhood cancer and in a recent interview talked about how this, along with other obstacles she’s overcome throughout her young life, certainly influenced her writing with this album. In particular, the ending song, ‘Warrior’, is inspired by all of the children she has known throughout her cancer journey. It’s a song that gave me goosebumps, it’s just so beautiful. Far from being sad though, this entire album is uplifting, a celebration of life.

This debut album is an extraordinary achievement and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Fans of Clare’s work as the character of Scarlett won’t be disappointed, although the music is certainly a departure from that style. Less country, more indie.

Stories sung to the tune of exquisite music.


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