My Reading Life: Unique Blogger Award

It was such a lovely surprise to see a notification on my Facebook this morning from fellow blogger, Sheree from Keeping Up With The Penguins. Sheree has nominated me for a Unique Blogger Award! A big thanks to Sheree for the kindness and if you aren’t familiar with her blog, you should definitely check it out. Sheree reviews a lot of classics, putting her own dissectional spin on pulling them apart and examining all of their insides. I love it and her review on Dracula is still to this day one of the best evaluations on the novel I have ever read. I’ll include the link here as it’s a lot of fun and even if you haven’t read Dracula, you might like to read her review and then find you no longer need to read the novel because she’s summed everything up so perfectly! Thanks for the nomination Sheree, it really made my day!

Now, as part of celebrating this award, I am required to answer three questions, as set by Sheree.

1. What are your favourite type of book blogger posts to read and why?

Definitely the reviews! I love reading, but I also love talking about books, so seeing what other bloggers think about the books we’ve been reading in common is almost like a hobby for me. Well, I guess it actually is a hobby, no almost about it. I especially like reviews that give a personal take and contain some reflection, more than just a summary with a few comments. I want to know what a blogger liked or didn’t like and why, which characters they adored and which ones ticked them off. The juicy details in other words!

2. Who is one of your favourite main characters ever written and why?

Such an easy question!! Goodness, this one is even harder than that elusive, β€˜what is your favourite book?’ My favourite main character…
The best answer I can give is my most recent favourite character. Verity Fassbinder from Angela Slatter’s Verity Fassbinder trilogy. She is awesome, in every way. Smart, tough, brave, sarcastic, funny, deeply loyal…and she’s Australian.

3. Do I like poetry? Do I like reading poetry on blogs?

Not really and no. I just can’t seem to come at poetry. I’ve tried, and there are definitely poets that I admire and poems that I appreciate. I don’t deliberately seek it out on blogs but if a blogger I followed posted some I’d surely read it. Keats is the one poet that has moved me to tears. But even with him I’ve not been compelled to devour his works, merely hang around the edges.

Now it’s my turn and in the spirit of sharing good feels and solidarity in the blogging community, I get to nominate someone!

I’m nominating Amanda from Mrs B’s Book Reviews. Amanda’s blog was the very first book blog I started reading regularly, way back before I was even blogging myself. I instantly recognised an affinity between us, from the types of books we both liked through to our responses to these books. Fast forward a little down the track and Amanda became my first friend made through blogging. Nowadays, we regularly bounce back and forth with messages and I value her friendship and advice immensely. Her blog is a wonderful place to hang out, with richly written reviews and an ever present positive vibe. She’s kind, generous, and has an enviable attention to detail. Mrs B’s Book Reviews is my Unique Blogger Award nominee!

My nomination questions for Amanda are:

1. What are your favourite type of book blogger posts to read and why? (Might as well stick with this, it’s a very good question!)
2. What is the funniest book you’ve ever read?
3. What was the first book you ever reviewed?

10 thoughts on “My Reading Life: Unique Blogger Award

  1. Awwww Theresa, THANK YOU!!! This post has made my day/week/month/year/life 😍😍😍 (I just grabbed my husband on his way to the shower and made him listen to me read all the lovely things you said out loud hahaha). You’re wonderful and I’m so glad to have discovered your blog β€οΈπŸ™β€οΈ Keep up the great work!!

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