Book A Day: Fortune’s Rocks by Anita Shreve

Day 4:

Fortune’s Rocks


Fortune’s Rocks was my first taste of Anita Shreve’s writing and it well and truly hooked me onto her novels. I own and have read them all. Her passing earlier this year to cancer saddened me. She had such talent, an incredible ability write weighty novels with a minimum of fuss. I’m going to miss her new releases.

Chronologically, Fortune’s Rocks is the first novel in Shreve’s tetralogy to be linked by their setting in a large beach house on the New Hampshire coast that used to be a convent. It was followed by Sea Glass, The Pilot’s Wife and Body Surfing. I’ve read all four of these novels, and enjoyed all of them.




In the summer of 1899, Olympia Biddeford, a privileged, intelligent and confident 15-year-old who is vacationing with her family at Fortune’s Rocks, falls in love with a married 41-year-old doctor and journalist, John Haskell. Their passionate affair, and subsequent discovery, produces a son and leads to far-reaching consequences that span several decades.

4 thoughts on “Book A Day: Fortune’s Rocks by Anita Shreve

  1. I have read five or six of Anita Shreve’s books, including Fortune’s Rocks and The Pilot’s Wife, and really enjoyed them. As you say, she writes weighty stories with a minimum of fuss. They are full of unexpected delights and flawed, yet sympathetic characters. She will be sadly missed, as will her wonderful books.

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