Bingo! The Yellow House by Emily O’Grady

It’s bingo Saturday once again – that rolled around fast! The square I’ve filled for this entry is:


A prize winning book




The Yellow House was recently announced as winner of the 2018 Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award – an award for an unpublished manuscript to an author under the age of 35.

The Yellow House is highly accessible literary fiction, perfect for fans of Little Gods and The Choke. The child narration hits a perfect note and balances the horror and evil that is present within the story. In examining the legacy of violence and crime within a family, it challenges the reader to examine their own conscience and perceptions about how far reaching guilt exactly is. Where does the line of guilt end? When does judgement stop? I’m still thinking about this novel and expect to be for some time.

Read my full review here.

This year I’m playing book bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews. On the first and third Saturday of each month, we’ll post our latest entry. We’re not telling each other in advance what we’re currently reading or what square we’ll be filling next; any coincidences are exactly that – and just add to the fun!

Follow our card below if you’d like to join in, and please let us know if you do so we can check out what you’re reading.

Now I’m off to check out what square Mrs B has marked off for this round. See you over there!



5 thoughts on “Bingo! The Yellow House by Emily O’Grady

  1. #Book Bingo 2018: ‘A book that scares you’ – Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

    Any fiction/non-fiction books tackling tough topics such as ALS, dementia and CRPS will never adorn my bookshelves nor make it onto my TBR list/pile, nor be held to read, for the sheer fact that those diseases scare the hell out of me and I don’t want to be glimpsing them whenever I walk past my bookshelves. I read Every Note Played for no other reason than needing a novel for the book bingo category ‘a book that scares you,’ and this book did just that, knowing about ALS is terrifying in itself but to read about it in such vivid detail was disturbing. A little too informative for my liking and my nerves. A few times I had to sit the book down and walk away. I wish I had of chosen a book that scares me less.

    This book receives a 4 star rating because Lisa Genova is an excellent writer.
    Clearly this book was not for me (owing to the subject matter) but I do recommend this to anyone who appreciates a well researched book on ALS aka Motor Neurone Disease.

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      • You’re welcome Theresa! Mrs B’s review gave me the idea of using Every Note Played for the ‘a book that scares you,’ square. A scary, scary disease. I’m looking forward to seeing what you and Amanda will choose for that category.
        I will be reading Lisa Genova’s other books excluding Still Alice, I think I can cope with her other neurological diseases and disorders stories.

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