Bingo! The Wasp and The Orchid by Danielle Clode

It’s bingo Saturday once again – that rolled around fast! The square I’ve filled for this entry is:

A memoir




In this case, it’s a biography and partial memoir, but it fits the bill nicely for me! This was a particularly lovely read as it shone a spotlight onto one of our forgotten Australian women writers, fitting in perfectly with my #aww2018 challenge.

Part biographical, part speculation, and part social history, The Wasp and The Orchid is also the story of how Danielle pieced together the puzzle that was Edith Coleman’s life. The biographer has a strong presence within this account, and in many instances, she writes of herself within the context of Edith’s story and experiences. It’s a technique that allows the reader to feel as though they are on this journey with the biographer, a team uncovering facts and filling in gaps.

Anyone with an interest in Australian women writers from the past will enjoy this book, as will nature enthusiasts. I will admit to being captivated by Edith’s discovery linking wasps with orchids. The book itself is a be-ribboned hardback beauty with extensive images throughout in both colour and black and white. It resembles a keepsake and would make a lovely gift to those who love gardens and reading.

Read my review here.

This year I’m playing book bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews. On the first and third Saturday of each month, we’ll post our latest entry. We’re not telling each other in advance what we’re currently reading or what square we’ll be filling next; any coincidences are exactly that – and just add to the fun!

Follow our card below if you’d like to join in, and please let us know if you do so we can check out what you’re reading.

Now I’m off to check out what square Mrs B has marked off for this round. See you over there!



4 thoughts on “Bingo! The Wasp and The Orchid by Danielle Clode

  1. #Book Bingo 2018: ‘A book written by someone under 30’ – Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

    I was searching for a novel to fill the book bingo square: a book written by someone under 30 and I came across Girl Online at my local Salvo store, reading the inside covers facing page divulged her age of 24 (now 28), and the synopsis hinted it to be a fun and easy-going read, therefore both met my needs splendidly! Every now and again I adore gentle, fluffy and relaxing reads and this was one such book and, of course, the mention of New York…I’m so there!

    After finishing the book I read a few Goodreads reviews and also a quick search on the net revealed that Ms Sugg is not the author of Girl Online. Well, golly gosh, the book was written by a ghostwriter, sure as eggs is eggs. I am gobsmacked though, at the drama this has created, does it really matter that Zoe Sugg worked with an expert editorial team to help her bring to life her characters?… many many authors use ghostwriters, it doesn’t matter a hoot to me whether she was sitting at the keyboard or standing behind someone pitching her ideas. “If you read her book, it is Zoe’s Sugg’s story and an expression of herself.”

    Perhaps this was a fluffy, cheesy, cliched and predictable read, even so, I thought it was adorable, enjoyable, lighthearted and highly entertaining and a perfect escapist read.

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    • I’m not sure how I feel about ghost writing. It’s very different to working with an editorial team. It kind of annoys me, to be honest, that someone who doesn’t write their own book can get published but plenty of writers slogging away end up being rejected over and over. Glad it was a good read, but in all honesty, knowing she didn’t write it herself makes me inclined to avoid it! I can definitely understand the root of the controversy online.


  2. I just realised, looking over your post, I’ve managed to check off a bunch of these without consciously trying! “Bingo” is where you get five in a straight row, right? Because I’ve totally knocked off the first line, completely by accident!

    Set over 100 years ago = The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    Written more than 10 years ago = just about all of the books I’ve read this year 😂 but to pick one at random, A Passage To India
    A memoir = The White Mouse
    A book >500 pages = Crime and Punishment
    A foreign translated novel = My Brilliant Friend

    This has given me a totally unwarranted sense of achievement and satisfaction!! Hahahaha. So thank you for that!

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