Behind the Pen with Karly Lane

It’s such a treat to welcome a long time favourite author of mine to Behind the Pen today: Karly Lane. Karly has just released her eleventh novel, Someone Like You. I thought it was about time we found out about a few of her favourites.




What is your favourite…and why…

Scene from one of your books?
I really love the final scene in If Wishes were Horses with Clarrie and Cobber. It gave me goosebumps when I wrote it and every time I think of it, it makes me smile.

Movie of all time?
The Man from Snowy River. I can never get enough of it. Had it memorized as a child and still to this day can only watch it alone, because my family get annoyed that I speak all the parts.

Book that you always keep a copy of and recommend to others?
Cross Stitch (Outlander) by Diana Gabaldon. This was the first book where a character made a huge impression on me which prompted me to get serious about writing.

Fashion accessory that despite having plenty of, you still keep collecting?
Handbags and Boots.

Drink that you enjoy everyday?
Coffee. Why? It’s for everyone else’s safety.

Treat you indulge in?
Ice Cream. Why? Ice Cream needs no reason.

Place to be?
Home. My happy place will always be where my horses are… oh, and my family too.

Person you admire?
Anyone who has gotten back up and had another go at something.

Season of the year?
Winter. So I can wear my boots.

Someone Like You

From the best-selling author of Third Time Lucky comes an intriguing, funny and romantic story about past lives and new beginnings.
When bestselling author, twenty-nine year old Hayley Stevens, walked in on her husband, Paul, and her best friend in bed together, she knew her life would never be the same again.
One year later, Hayley stowed her last bag in her much-loved Audi Coupe and said goodbye to the city. She was excited to be heading west to Lochway, a small colonial village sitting on the beautiful Macdonald River. Wanting peace and quiet, Hayley had impulsively bought a cosy sandstone cottage there surrounded by lush rose gardens, with a small overseer’s cottage – ideal for a writer’s retreat.
What she didn’t expect was the almost immediate ‘gift’ of a very noisy donkey named Errol. Nor did Hayley expect to meet her handsome new neighbour, Luke Mason, when she was covered in mud trying to drag Errol out of Luke’s dam. The strange thing was though that Luke seemed very familiar to her.
As Hayley slowly gains acceptance into her small community and starts writing again she becomes almost afraid of the inexplicable visions she sees. What does it all mean? And why does Luke refuse to listen to her?
Written with warmth and humour, Someone Like You is an intriguing, funny and romantic story about past lives and new beginnings.

Published by Allen and Unwin

Read my review here

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