Behind the Pen with Elizabeth Crocket

Today I give a warm welcome to Canadian author Elizabeth Crocket, joining me here on Behind the Pen with a few of her favourites. Over to you Elizabeth!


What is your favourite…and why…


Character from one of your books?

I have so many! I have written three women’s fiction novels, A Path to the Lake, The Smell of Roses and Full of Grace, and so it really is difficult to choose. But, if push comes to shove, I will choose Kate Browning from A Path to the Lake. She is relatable and despite her flaws, so likeable. But, I do have a thing for the character of Grace, one of the protagonists in Full of Grace, because of how she handles her cancer journey. Having experienced my own personal cancer journey, I know how challenging that can be. And since I’ve named the characters in two of my books, I’m adding Dolly from The Smell of Roses…a feisty old girl with attitude!


path to the lake (1)
Scene from one of your books?

In A Path to the Lake, Kate finds herself in a bistro with Frank, when another love interest, Tom, unexpectedly walks in! Even I couldn’t wait to see what she would do!


Movie of all time?

I’ll choose Love Actually. Just because I watch it every year during the holidays, and never tire of doing that, which is unusual for me. It is light-hearted and fun, and always gets me in the holiday spirit!


Book that you always keep a copy of and recommend to others?

I love Elizabeth Berg books, and have most of them I’m sure. Range of Motion was one that really moved me. In terms of recommendations though, I’ve probably recommended Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott the most, especially to aspiring writers. Great writing advice, and funny to boot.




Fashion accessory that despite having plenty of, you still keep collecting?

If my husband ever loses me in the store, he knows he can find me in the shoe or boot department! Although I probably have enough rings, too…or can you have enough?


Drink that you enjoy every day?

Every day I have tea. And now and again I’ve been known to enjoy a glass of wine. For purely medicinal reasons, of course.


Treat you indulge in?

I love cinnamon and sugar on a toasted white bagel…mmm…when the cinnamon is blended with butter and all melting on top…excuse me while I go plug in the toaster.


Place to be?

In my backyard in the summer with all my family around, enjoying drinks and a barbecue. And if I can’t be doing that, it would be somewhere near the water on a bright, sunny day. Maybe on a path to the lake. (Get it, A Path to the Lake?)


Person you admire?

I’m going to be really corny here, but I admire my grown children. I love who they turned out to be. Good people with good hearts, who are both involved, loving parents to their own children. And my husband, for his patience and support through my cancer journey. On a larger scale, I admire any writer or poet who ascribes to T.S. Eliot’s quote, “The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink.”


Season of the year?

I love the colour of flowers and birds singing in spring…the hot sun and lazy days of summer…the colour of the leaves and crisp air in the fall…but, could we just take February off the calendar? Or maybe that’s just me…

About Elizabeth:

Sixth generation Canadian, Elizabeth was born in Toronto, Ontario.

Writing short stories and poetry from an early age, reading and writing have always been a prominent part of her life.

She obtained a diploma from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, in Addiction Education, and a certificate in Counselling Studies from the Counsellor Training Institute.

Elizabeth lives and writes in Burlington, where she spends as much time outdoors as she can, preferably near the water.

She is married with grown children, and has six grandchildren she loves to the moon and back.

Connect with Elizabeth at her website:


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