Thoughts on a Bookish TV Show: Word of Mouth TV

There’s a brand new show on You Tube and it’s all about books, food, and friendship – how utterly perfect is that?!


It’s called Word of Mouth TV and it’s an author interview show with a twist. Here is the description:

Word of Mouth TV is the first series to combine food, books and wine. Your hosts, Kate Forsyth and Sarah Mills will be interviewing and cooking with top authors from Australia and around the world.




The first episode aired Friday evening. The running time was about 10 minutes, which I find ideal. A nice little ‘bite’ sized show to watch with a cup of tea at the end of a busy week.


While the show is not a cooking show per se, Kate did cook on air and talk us through what she was making and what ingredients were required and what to do with it all, so if you like what’s being served up, there’s an option there for you to mimic the menu for your own get together.


Sarah and Kate are friends themselves and this shines through on the screen, creating a warm and authentic atmosphere. There was a natural fluidity to their banter and the show had a smooth unscripted, yet totally polished vibe about it. And while Sarah tried her best to get out of the cooking by reading the book in preparation for the dinner chat, Kate was having nothing of that and knowing Sarah as well as she does, she set up a nice little enticement as a means of getting Sarah out of the reading chair and into the kitchen!


I enjoyed the whole concept of the ‘dinner interview’. It’s a fresh idea and with the current enduring popularity of cooking shows, not to mention the lack of bookish shows, these ladies are onto a good thing, in my opinion, combining food with bookish chat. Who doesn’t like a catch up over food with friends? It’s certainly my preferred way of socialising.


You can find out more about the show, subscribe to the newsletter, follow the social media links, and read book reviews over at the Word of Mouth TV website.


Here’s the first episode, featuring guests Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist. Enjoy!


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