Bingo! P is for Pearl by Eliza Henry Jones

It’s bingo Saturday once again – that rolled around fast! The square I’ve filled for this entry is:


A book written by someone under 30


The book in question is of course P is for Pearl, by the incredibly talented – and young – Eliza Henry Jones. Eliza initially wrote this novel when she was 16 and then she tucked it away until recently. She’s still under 30, but I almost feel like she gets a double qualification for this square. To have envisaged and written such an incredibly deep novel at the age of 16 is truly impressive.




There’s just so much about this novel that I loved. It’s a novel that makes you really appreciate the importance of being straight with children when it comes to the ugly truth about loved ones. The impulse to protect is strong but the implications of not being transparent can be far reaching.

I reviewed this novel a week ago, but if you missed it, or just want to read it again, you can do so here.

This year I’m playing book bingo with Mrs B’s Book Reviews. On the first and third Saturday of each month, we’ll post our latest entry. We’re not telling each other in advance what we’re currently reading or what square we’ll be filling next; any coincidences are exactly that – and just add to the fun!

Follow our card below if you’d like to join in, and please let us know if you do so we can check out what you’re reading.

Now I’m off to check out what square Mrs B has marked off for this round. See you over there!



4 thoughts on “Bingo! P is for Pearl by Eliza Henry Jones

  1. #Book Bingo 2018: ‘a funny book’ – Keeping Mum by Kate Lawson

    After reading a couple of heavy/tear jerky books I was looking for something light and humorous, I was searching my TBR stash and came across Kate Lawson’s book. I gave the blurb a quick squiz and noticed the words ‘riotously funny’ and thought yep, that will do nicely and also was perfect for the book bingo category – ‘a funny book.’

    A brief look at the reviews had me wanting to give the book a flick as most of them were not positive at all and no hint of it being laugh-a-minute either but I’m not one to take notice of negative reviews as I like to make up my own mind and more often than not I have found the books with a low star rating and negative review to be awesome and Keeping Mum was awesome.

    Not an out and out funny book and definitely not ‘riotously funny’ but I did have a bit of a chuckle in some sections of the book. It was such a terrific read I’m ok with not rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.
    Most of the characters were charming especially Cass, the main protagonist, she has an easy going personality which gives the story a light touch, a friendly attitude, and all round nice person, which makes for delightful reading.
    Cass and her friend Fiona belong to a choir and the entire choir head to Cyprus for a contest. I thoroughly enjoyed the amount of drama that transpired between Cass, Fiona and Andy (Fiona’s boyfriend) – similar to watching a soapie but oh, so much more pleasurable.

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      • I do like my funny books but this is the first one I’ve read in a while, I must rectify that as lately my books have been on the heavy side so your idea of reading a humorous book after every half dozen or so is an excellent idea, might try that.

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