My Reading Life: #aww2018 Challenge Checkpoint 1

I’ve decided this year to do a series of checking in posts for my Australian Women Writers Challenge. I started off last year marking off every ten books, but then I would forget and have to mark off twenty and then life would become chaotic, causing me to forget again until before I knew, I had reached the end of the year and was compiling a list of 74 titles from scratch.




This year, I am aiming to do a monthly checkpoint post, although, so as not to box myself in, I won’t title them as Jan, Feb, March, and so on. That way, if I fall behind, you won’t notice since I’m numbering them instead!

So, for checkpoint 1, I have read 10 books and reviewed 12 from the start of January to today for my #aww2018 challenge. I am under no illusions whatsoever that I’ll be able to maintain this level throughout the year, but what good are summer holidays if they can’t give your reading numbers a boost?! Also, you’ll note that I read 10 books but reviewed 12 – how did that come about? Well, last year, I read two novels way in advance of publication, but wasn’t able to publish the reviews until their January release dates. I didn’t count these in last year’s challenge figures, knowing they would be included for 2018 – a little head start!

Onto the books! I have linked each title back to my review in case you missed it first time around.


Stella and Margie

by Glenna Thomson


The Secret Vineyard

by Loretta Hill


The Sisters’ Song

by Louise Allan


The Secret at Ocean’s Edge

by Kali Napier


The Tides Between

by Elizabeth Jane Corbett

The Tides Between copy

The Life to Come

by Michelle de Krester


Vasilisa the Wise and Other Tales of Brave Young Women

by Kate Forsyth & Illustrated by Lorena Carrington


Child of Africa

by T.M. Clark


Redemption Point

by Candice Fox


White Gum Creek

by Nicole Hurley-Moore


Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-time Husband

by Barbara Toner


The Drifter 

by Anthea Hodgson



11 thoughts on “My Reading Life: #aww2018 Challenge Checkpoint 1

  1. A great list, I’ve read 4 of those, all but one are on my tbr pile. Sometimes I think I’d like to have a blog about my books. Thanks for sharing

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  2. What a good idea! I think I’ve read 9 so far, and reviewed them all. That’s just over half of my total for the year so far! I might think about a check in post tomorrow – I’ve already written three posts today and am into my fourth.

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  3. You certainly knocked off quite a few! Well done 😉 I’ve not read Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-Time Husband, but the title gives me a chuckle every time I see it. I’ll check out your review and see if it’s up my alley! 🙂

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