My Reading Life: Coincidentally Covered


Today has been a day of cover coincidences.

  • In the morning post, copies of Little Fires Everywhere and Everything I Never Told You arrived.
  • At lunch time I settled in to read some of the latest posts from the book blogs I follow. Up pops a post containing No One is Coming to Save Us. My gaze instantly shifted to my two Celeste Ng books sitting on my desk.
  • Next up was a post about The Only Story. My cover radar was picking up a very strong signal by this stage.
  • This evening, as I opened my email and browsed through a Booktopia catalogue, The Whole Bright Year and Maggie’s Recipe for Life jumped right out at me.

I guess even book covers are subject to fashion trends!

2 thoughts on “My Reading Life: Coincidentally Covered

  1. I’ve noticed this too — goes in waves, like one type of cover will be popular and then another type. There was a while where every other cover was like blue and dreamy looking with white writing…

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    • I noticed a couple of years ago that the woman walking away was on four historical fictions on my TBR. I remember taking a photo of it as it was so apparent. It just becomes very obvious when they’re sitting side by side in a shop or on a virtual shelf…or on your bedroom floor!


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