Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope your festive break is filled with everything that makes this time of year special for you.




Thank you so much for your support throughout the year — all of the likes, comments and shares — I appreciate it immensely. I’ll be back with normal posting on Wednesday, kicking off with Behind the Pen. In the meantime, if books are on your wishlist, fingers crossed for some book shaped gifts under your tree! Whether your Christmas is sunny and warm, snowy and cold, or anything in between, I hope you get some time to relax over the long festive weekend with a good book and a serving of your favourite Christmas treat.


I’ll leave you now with a few of my favourite Christmas snaps so far…



The gingerbread ‘tent’ courtesy of my son


My contribution to the Christmas decorating at work


Our little homemade Elf on the Shelf, also courtesy of my son — he’s a creative young man!

Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I have two little sisters and they figured out last year that santa isn’t real – which has been a relief in all honesty for the adults! Elf on the Shelf was fun the first year, and then we had such a hard time thinking of things for the years after that! And then we’d plant peppermints so candy canes would grow, and make reindeer food by mixing glitter and oatmeal, then throwing it on the sidewalk. Christmas is a lot of work, but I’m sure in a couple years I’ll be sad they’ve learned Santa isn’t real.

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