Quick Shots Book Review: Feels Like Home by Lisa Ireland

Feels Like Home…


When celebrity novelist Johanna Morgan surprises everyone by arriving back in Linden Gully three weeks early for her best friend’s wedding, she’s shocked to find her ex-boyfriend Ryan Galloway is back too and well-integrated in the community as the local vet.

Jo’s maid-of-honour duties are not the only thing that’s brought her home. The family homestead of Yarrapinga is now her responsibility, and Jo needs to decide whether to keep it – and replace old memories with new ones – or sell it and cut off all ties to her childhood and her home.

Ryan has brought his young daughter home to Linden Gully to provide stability after the death of her mother. The last thing he needs is Jo’s return, and all of the emotional turmoil that she brings with her.

Thrown together as attendants at their best friends’ wedding, Jo and Ryan have no choice but to grin and bear all the tension. But it’s not only resentment lingering between them. The attraction is still there, and the heat and the memories.

They say you can’t come home again, but maybe, for Jo and Ryan, home is not just a place, but a state of the heart.




My Thoughts:

Reading Feels Like Home was like cuddling into a blanket on a stormy winter’s day with a hot cup of tea and a packet of Tim Tams by your side. Comfort all the way. The characters were highly likeable and the storyline was equally as engaging. I found myself sneaking chapters in whenever I could because Linden Gully was just such a lovely place to be.

I highly recommend this novel, not only to those who enjoy Australian rural fiction, but to those who enjoy all Australian fiction, because this was a gorgeous slice of Aussie served up with a big dollop of all the things we treasure about Australian community life, both in the city and the country. Lisa Ireland has skilfully shown that there really is: no place like home.


The Author:

View More: http://sarataylorphotography.pass.us/edited-lisa-roderickLisa Ireland is an Australian writer of contemporary women’s fiction. After working for many years as a primary school teacher, Lisa is a now a full-time writer. Lisa is passionate about art and travel and has a strong interest in human rights: she is an active supporter of several human rights organisations including the Combined Refugee Action Group, which provides assistance for refugees in her local region. When she’s not writing, Lisa loves to read, run, and drink copious amounts of coffee with friends. She can often be found wandering along the beach near her home.


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