Behind the Pen with Phillipa Nefri Clark

Today I’d like to warmly welcome Phillipa Clark to Behind the Pen, here to share a few of her favourites.

Over to you, Phillipa!

What is your favourite…and why…






Character from one of your books?

Martin Blake from both The Stationmaster’s Cottage and its sequel, Jasmine Sea. Martin is a brooding alpha who rarely lets anyone close, but when he does, they stay close. A brilliant artist, he prefers to spend time with his dog, Randall, rather than most people. When Christie appears on his doorstep, a damaged painting in her arms, he struggles to hold onto old prejudices about her family as she works her way into his heart.


Scene from one of your books?

So hard, as there are a few that mean a lot. In the early pages of The Stationmaster’s Cottage, Martha falls off a jetty in the middle of a storm. Without hesitation, Thomas dives in to find her, eventually dragging her out and back to shore. I’m about to rewrite this chapter from Thomas’ perspective as a giveaway.


Movie of all time?

The Bridges of Madison County. There are so many layers to this story of unattainable love that I find myself drawn back to it to learn more about how to write.


Book that you always keep a copy of and recommend to others?

The Real Meal Revolution. Filled with common sense food information, scientific findings, and delicious recipes. It is all about low carb, moderate protein, and higher healthy fat eating that can improve health and wellbeing.


Fashion accessory that despite having plenty of, you still keep collecting?

Bracelets. My husband loves buying them, usually Swarovski, so who am I to refuse?


Drink that you enjoy everyday?

I devour water! It is the first thing I have in the morning and last at night, plus lots during the day. My preferred alcoholic drink is a crisp, dry white wine, preferably local.


Treat you indulge in?

Any kind of berries with double cream. Yumbo!


Place to be?

If there was only one place I could be again, it would be Sydney Harbour on a boat, wind in my hair and glass of something special in my hand. But anywhere the tide goes, I will follow.


Person you admire?

My older sister. She overcame terrible childhood events to become a balanced, gentle, and wise adult who inspires me every day.


Season of the year?

Spring. Actually, the very end of winter, when those first signs of spring appear. That particular scent on a breeze, early jonquils, different birds appearing in the garden. As if the world is reborn.


Kosmo and Phillipa


2017 has proved to be a pivotal year for me as an author. I released my debut novel, The Stationmaster’s Cottage after spending about fifteen years going back and forth to it. After taking so long with the first, I discovered the ability to work faster and published its sequel, Jasmine Sea, exactly nine months later.

The Stationmaster’s Cottage is set now and in the sixties in a small seaside town full of family secrets, deep regrets, betrayal and eventually, redemption. There are two love stories, a mystery to solve, gorgeous locations, and a golden retriever called Randall.
Jasmine Sea follows on almost immediately with most of the original characters plus a couple of new ones. It is about facing the past to move forward, and digging deep to overcome fears. This story is filled with suspense as well as love, with its darkest hour described by readers as heart-stopping. Will there be a third in the series? My characters are considering this.


both books CLOSE

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