New Release Book Review: The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories by Charlaine Harris

The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories…


For the first time together in one volume, here is the complete short story collection starring Louisiana’s favorite telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse—from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris. New fans can fill in the gaps in their Sookie lore while old friends can revisit some of their favourite moments and characters. From investigating the murder of a local fairy to learning that her cousin was a vampire, from remodeling her best friend’s house to attending a wedding with her shapeshifting boss, Sam, Sookie navigates the perils and pitfalls of the paranormal world.

Belly up to the bar at Bon Temps’s favourite watering hole and hear stories that will make you wish Sookie never left, including…

“Fairy Dust”
“One Word Answer”
“Dracula Night”
“Gift Wrap”
“Two Blondes”
“If I Had a Hammer”
“Small-Town Wedding”
“Playing Possum”
“In the Blue Hereafter”

This definitive collection is the perfect binge read for people who like their stories with bite!




My Thoughts:

I am a massive fan of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, also known more commonly as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and as such, I was first in line to one click this newest instalment, a complication of all the Sookie Stackhouse short stories into the one volume for first time ever.

Now, it’s important to note that none of the stories published in this new release are actually newly written. They’ve all been published before in a variety of other volumes and formats. Neither the publisher nor the author have hidden this fact, yet a whole tribe of people on Goodreads are screaming about being duped and ‘ripped off’ – perhaps they should try reading the product description before buying said product. And if they don’t like the idea of an author making money off her own work — the horror!! — then perhaps they could, well, just not buy it.

Out of the ten stories included in this edition, I’ve read five of them in a previous compilation titled, ‘A Touch of Dead’, but it was many years ago and frankly, I don’t particularly care. They’re just as enjoyable the second time around, as are the other five I had never encountered before.

I’ve enjoyed revisiting Bon Temps and its inhabitants once again — it’s been too long between mysteries. While Charlaine has indicated throughout the volume where each short story is placed within the order of the series, it’s not really necessary to worry overmuch about reading them that way, unless of course you are very new to the series and still back in the earlier novels — there could be a few spoilers for you in that case.

I’m a bit of a lazy reader in the sense that I don’t like having to search for the stories I want to read, so compilations such as this will always appeal to me. If, like me, it’s been a long time between sips for you and Sookie, then I highly recommend this volume of nine short stories plus one novella. It’ll have you fanging for more.

*(See what I just did then…vampire jokes! #notsorry)*


The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories is published by Hachette in Australia and the UK and is available in both print and ebook.


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