Release Day Book Review: Fortunate Friends by Louise Guy

 Fortunate Friends…


Three women in their thirties. Different backgrounds, different beliefs, different aspirations; same good fortune.

For Shauna, celebrations surrounding an unexpected windfall are short-lived. Facing a lawsuit, her mother’s unpredictable behaviour, and the sudden appearance of a long-lost relative, the shine of good fortune is quick to fade.

Frankie loves her life. Even living with difficult circumstances her glass is always half-full — she wouldn’t change a thing. When good fortune falls at Frankie’s feet, she is loath to embrace it, terrified of the potential disaster it could bring.

Bec’s good fortune pales into insignificance when compared to her husband’s indiscretion. The lawyer in her is quick to see the situation in black and white. He’s at fault; the marriage needs to end. Bec’s haste to move on, coupled with her decision to hide her recent luck, has devastating consequences.

Good fortune helps form unlikely friendships when the lives of these three women are brought together. Will their combined strength be enough to help solve the problems of their already complicated lives? Or will it further fuel them?




My Thoughts:

Fortunate Friends is the second commercial women’s fiction offering by Louise Guy and I have to say, Louise is completely at home within this genre. Her characters are authentic and likeable; her stories engaging and relatable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire premise of Fortunate Friends. All of us have sat and daydreamed at some point in time about a change in fortune. Would we quit our job? Move? Travel? Live a life of luxury or change nothing at all? Through the lives of three very different women, Louise examines the effects a change of fortune can have on someone’s life, both the positive and the negative, leaving no scenario unobserved. One of the things I particularly liked with this novel was how Louise brought the nasty side of people out of the woodwork; the gold diggers and social climbers all ready to latch on to another person’s good fortune. This was very well done and highly believable, as well as infuriating at times to behold.

I admired all three women at the heart of this novel and could relate to some aspect of each. There wasn’t one that I liked more than the other, and each had their flaws as well as finer points. I thoroughly enjoyed the friendship circle that evolved out of their mutual good fortune and really appreciated the supportive nature of these relationships. It was also really lovely to see such generosity of spirit woven through the story, each woman displaying an eagerness to share their good fortune with others they loved, appreciated, or simply wanted to help. Does money equate to happiness? Louise does a stellar job of presenting all possibilities for consideration, but in the end, perhaps it’s down to the individual to be the creator of their own good fortune.

All in all, Fortunate Friends is a most enjoyable novel and would make an ideal gift this Christmas.


Fortunate Friends is book 67 in my 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge. I’d like to extend my thanks to the author, Louise Guy, for gifting me a review copy.


About the Author:

14252196Louise Guy writes for children aged 6-12 and commercial women’s fiction for adults. Having published twelve books to date, Louise is now enjoying international success with the sale of her best-selling Crafters’ Club series to Scholastic for the US, Canadian and Philippine markets.

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