Series in the Spotlight: The Saga of Emmaline Gildley-King by Lori T. Hurst

About Book 1: A Hint of Darkness…





Emmaline Gidley-King’s privileged lifestyle in the Yarra Valley seems assured. However, a shocking incident sets in motion a chain of events that will change the path of her life. At just fourteen, Emmaline is cast into the company of distant relatives travelling to the Palmer River Gold Fields in far north Queensland. Tragedy strikes the travellers and Emmaline is left alone to survive in the wilderness.

Generations on, Ellie Jamieson’s fight for survival is internal. With a vain, self-interested and spiteful mother, her childhood has been more like a battle field. Throw in a cheating boyfriend, and Ellie’s self-esteem is at an all-time low.

Born more than a century apart, these two women are connected by kinship and the affliction of living with a callous mother.


About Book 2: The Journey of Emmaline…




Set to inherit the thriving Yarra Valley Vineyard, Chateau Fontenay, Emmaline’s world is shattered by her malevolent mother. By chance she survives a nightmare massacre on the Palmer River Track. Through sheer perseverance she endures months alone in the unforgiving north Queensland wilderness, finally making her home with an aboriginal tribe in Princess Charlotte Bay. It is four years before she returns to Cooktown. Content with her new life, she is devastated when she realises the extent of her mother’s betrayal.

Generations on, when Ellie Jamieson learns of her grandmother Ruthie’s hidden family background, she goes in search of her heritage and is bequeathed Emmaline’s journals. Ellie harbours a warped self-image, a legacy from her own vain and spiteful mother. Through her journal entries, Emmaline weaves her way into Ellie’s life and the story of Emmaline is told.


About the Author:

Lori T. Hurst lives in an amazing octagonal house set in bushland south of Townsville in North Queensland. Her husband Peter is also a writer and Lori’s most astute critic.

A Hint of Darkness and The Journey of Emmaline are the result of years of research and travelling from one end of Australia to the other.

Lori has published numerous short stories and articles.

Lori T. Hurst blogs at Writing in the Tropics


AWW2017-badgeA Hint of Darkness and The Journey of Emmaline are books 68 and 69 in my 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Thanks is extended to the author for gifting me a copy of each of these books for review.

Rich in historical detail and well researched, these two novels will suit fans of early Australian history and those who enjoy an involved family saga.

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