Podcast in Review: Words and Nerds

Words and Nerds

Hosts: Dani Vee and Chris Buchanan

Series 1 – Episode 1: James Fahy


The Phoebe Harkness Series, Hell’s Teeth, Crescent Moon & Pale Children.

International bestselling UK urban gothic author chats to us about the Phoebe Harkness series. I loved this series so much and we had a wonderfully interesting chat about literature, video games and inventing vampire clothing chain stores.




My Thoughts:

I’m a bit of a latecomer to the podcast movement. My car is fairly old school, radio and cd player only, no Bluetooth – unless there’s an old tooth rattling around, fallen out of one of my children’s mouths many years ago, now wedged into a crevice somewhere deep. I don’t walk or run as a matter of habit, nor do I use a gym, so that avenue for listening is out as well. But I do regularly fold mountains of washing and iron crispy white school uniform shirts, so huzzah – listening time uncovered!


I was invited to listen to a new podcast by Words and Nerds, the first episode having aired on Tuesday 31st October. Hosts Dani Vee and Chris Buchanan were chatting to UK author James Fahy. The podcast ran for approximately 45 minutes and the sound quality was good; Dani told me beforehand that there had been a storm in Yorkshire while they were talking to James, but I didn’t find that this affected the sound quality in any significant way. I had never heard of James Fahy prior to this podcast, nor had I read any of his books, but this in no way altered my enjoyment of the podcast.


Dani and Chris were so obviously well prepared for their chat with James, their knowledge of his books, his blog, and his social media timelines apparent. James himself was very responsive, expanding on all questions with enthusiasm and detail that was at all times interesting and entertaining. What I loved most about this podcast was the cosy feel to it. I had the impression throughout that we all could have been sitting in a lounge room together chatting about books and movies and everything else in between. It was a lot of fun and there were plenty of laughs throughout. I didn’t need to have read James’s books to know what they were all talking about, but if you have read them, you will no doubt appreciate the many references and jokes specific to the characters and various situations they have found themselves in as a result of James’s vivid imagination. I was chuffed to hear about how much James loves Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and for the same reasons as me! Solidarity in literature – it gets me every time!


The entertainment value in this podcast was high, both for those who are new to James Fahy and for those who already love his books. By the end of the podcast I definitely wanted to read The Phoebe Harkness Series as well as listen to the next episode of Words and Nerds. Win-win, plus, my washing got folded without me even really noticing that I was doing it. Another win!


If you like bookish podcasts, check out Words and Nerds today!




Words and Nerds  – upcoming podcasts are on here. Podcasts released every Tuesday on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Instagram: words_andnerds


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