Australian Reading Hour

Make a date with a book today for Australian Reading Hour. Reading hour doesn’t take place within any one particular hour, it just means that today, to celebrate reading hour, you should pick up a book and read it for an entire hour. For me, this is pretty standard fare, so why would I even bother signing up?

To promote reading, of course!

Reading doesn’t only improve the mind. It also improves lives and makes better societies by increasing happiness, reducing stress, and improving health.

Show your participation today by posting about your reading on social media (if you use social media) with the hashtag:

#brbreading (BRB -Be Right Back)

And if you’re not on social media, then just read your book and leave a comment here to tell me what you’re reading for Australian Reading Hour.

I’m taking a book to work today and come lunch time I’ll be #brbreading even though my break is only for a half hour. I’ll keep reading while I wait at school pick up for my kids and then again when I get home. I might read for more than an hour most days, but today, I’m going to make an effort to read in times that I normally wouldn’t.

Enjoy your reading hour!


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