Book Review: Bluegrass Bend by Mandy Magro

Bluegrass Bend…

Book Description:

Ivy Tucker was a gifted musician with big dreams but the night she was viciously attacked took all that away from her. Without the intervention of a mystery man she would have been killed. She has no idea what her protector looks like and though she wrote to him, he never responded. She can’t blame him wanting to forget the past, she feels the same. To survive, she focuses on the healing work she does alongside her aunts at Healing Hills – working with horses to help people rebuild their shattered lives. But her home, her life and her business are under threat…

Ronny Sinclair is finally free after eight years in prison. He regrets ending a life, but in the heat of the moment it was the only way to save another. The young woman he protected was worth every second he spent locked up, and her face and angelic voice are etched in his heart and mind forever. A bittersweet twist of fate gives him a new start in her hometown, Bluegrass Bend. Would she recognise him? Could she, after the terrible state she’d been left in?

Fate intervenes, pushing Ronny and Ivy together at a fundraising event. When Ivy needs Ronny to help her save Healing Hills, he knows he should keep his past hidden, that he should stay away from her, but their love of the country, horses and music brings Ivy and Ronny closer – dangerously so. As feelings build their fragile trust is threatened by Ronny’s secret. Will his determination to leave the past behind him cost them their chance at love?




My Thoughts:

All hail the Queen of Country! Mandy Magro has done it again with this story of love and redemption set in a quintessential small country town. It was so easy to slip into Bluegrass Bend with its likeable characters, local flavour, and gorgeous music references. The addition of an original song was an especially nice touch!


I found the story at the heart of this novel to be such a realistic one. The tragedy of being a victim of crime and the devastating long term effects upon a person; the act of being a vigilante and it’s associated consequences; being able to start your life fresh free of suspicion. All themes that resonate and hold true. There was a sensitivity and honesty to Bluegrass Bend that held on right through to the end.


The characters were all delightful. Authentic in their attributes and fulfilling their roles to perfection. I had so much empathy for Ivy; what she had been through, the struggle she had been left to deal with. Her connection to her horses and her career in horse therapy was of particular interest to me – I can never resist a horse whispering tale!


Bluegrass Bend is rural fiction at its finest. Thanks again for a great read Mandy Magro.



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