New Release Book Review: Under Her Spell by Monique Mulligan

Under Her Spell…

Book Description:

Writer Oliver Pendall has enough on his plate working on the set of Multiples, a clone movie based on his bestselling book. All he wants is time to write his next novel, but when he meets the bubbly but disconcerting Kaylie, life as he wants it is turned upside down and inside out. Kaylie’s on-off behaviour has him all hot and bothered, and the more he tries not to think about her, the more he falls under her spell.

But Kaylie’s not his usual type and Oliver’s words are as tangled as his emotions, setting the scene for near-miss that could break more than one heart. Will Oliver see what’s right in front of him? Or will he leave it too late?

Light-hearted and funny, Oliver and Kaylie will make you laugh, smile and tingle all over.





My Thoughts:

I’ve never really been a big fan of novellas and novelettes, or even of short stories for that matter, but through Serenity Press, I have discovered the error of my ways! The perfect length for reading over your lunch break, these bite-sized romance tales are funny, sweet, and delightfully romantic.

Under Her Spell features Oliver, a writer working on the set of a movie adaption of his novel while also trying to meet a deadline for his next novel, which is not going quite as well as the first. He’s distracted, busy, not looking for love at all…the perfect time for love to come knocking on his door, or in this case, plonking down onto the same park bench as him.

Sizzling attraction gets a bucket of cold water thrown over it as Oliver’s new love interest, Kaylie, blows hot one minute and icy cold the next. Oliver’s confusion leads him to question his own judgement, and with a surprising little twist early on in the story that I did not at all see coming, Under Her Spell shows how second impressions – and even third – can be as equally important as the first.

With all the hallmarks of a rom-com, Under Her Spell is a story that would make for a great movie. At only 40 pages, it has a tightly packed plot that is precisely executed. With sparkling dialogue, adorable introspection from Oliver, and a cute word quirk from Kaylie, it’s a story I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

Thanks is extended to Serenity Press for providing me with a copy of Under Her Spell for review.

Under Her Spell is book 54 in my 2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge.



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