#loveyourbookshopday Harrison’s Book Country Mount Isa



Today is Love Your Bookshop Day and despite living in a remote Queensland outback town, I do have a local bookshop and I most certainly love it, so I headed down there this morning in order to celebrate this most wonderful day, not deterred in the slightest that I was the only person there who was aware of today’s significance.




When I first moved to Mount Isa five years ago, a town where I knew absolutely no one other than the people I had moved here with, I was thrilled to discover there was a local bookshop. Not yet working, with all three of my children in school, I had some spare time each day to indulge in my favourite past-time of all, READING.

Harrison’s Book Country is such a welcoming store. The staff are just beautiful, ready to help in any way they can, eager to order books in for you, or happy to just have a bit of a book chat. The store is always clean and bright with the books displayed neatly and in an organised fashion. There is a large audio book section, games and puzzles, lots to pick from for children and teens as well all your new releases and older titles from a huge range of authors, cult followings (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc.), and a whole heap of fantasy stuff that I don’t necessarily understand but am sure is appreciated by fans. Book Country is unique as well in that it combines a used book exchange with a new book store. You can (and I have) swap your old books for store credit which can be spent on anything within the store, not just on other used books, differentiating Book Country from the usual book exchange model.

It’s not until you live in a small town that you appreciate the importance of shopping locally and supporting local businesses. It’s unique and lovely shops like Harrison’s Book Country that keep a small town vibrant, drawing in the tourists and servicing the locals. If you have a local bookshop in your town, I urge you to visit it before shopping online. Chances are, they will either have the book you want or be more than happy to order it in for you. I have discovered quite a few treasured finds from the shelves of Book Country over the years; special editions of classics, new releases from little known but absolutely wonderful authors, and book gadgets – what book lover doesn’t like quirkly book gadgets?!

Harrison’s Book Country have recently moved from one street into another. Today was my first visit to the new store, and while it’s not completely set up yet, I was still able to pick up a few new releases I have been chasing and get a sense of how great it will be once it’s all finished. If you’re ever travelling through Mount Isa, be sure to drop in and have a browse. And if you’re a local, well you’ve probably already been there and love it as much as I do!  #loveyourbookshopday



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