40 Books for #aww2017

My #aww2017 reading challenge is moving along superbly. Last night’s finished novel took me to 40 books read so far this year for my Australian Women Writers Challenge.

I usually make up a collage of covers for every 10 books I read, but I’ve been so busy reading and reviewing, I haven’t made one since I reached book 20!

Never fear…this has been corrected. But just in case you missed my last post about the first 20 books I read, I’ll include all of the cover collages here for a recap.





It’s not too late to join the #aww2017 Australian Women Writers Challenge. All you need to do is read and review books written by Australian women. Your reviews don’t need to be too comprehensive if you feel that reviewing is not your thing. Simply commenting on why you liked a book on Goodreads, in our Facebook group Love Reading Books by Aussie Women, or on Twitter using the #aww2017, is enough to spread the AWW love. Linking your reviews to our database completes the process and ensures your reviews are immortalised for all time.

All of my reviews for the 40 books read so far can be found here on my blog and also on Goodreads on my #aww2017 bookshelf.


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